Data center services

Encompassing a highly efficient and intuitive data center system, which offers a scalable means of operating as per the needs of the business is how we design Datacenter.

Don’t restrict yourself in just matching the wavelength of your business application with that of the data center design. Peep into the vast realm of all the useful and innovative features, which efficient data center architecture can provide. Make a worthy investment by wisely choosing the data center design and make sure it can measure your financial feasibility, quality attribute, associated risk factors and many more.

Processes / Information
Being able to encompass information and process for end-users of the service or product is why we have created the data center design.
Application / End User Services
Inrec’s data center designs abstract the end- users from the hardware layer to enable them to make changes and configure their application as per their needs
Application Platform Services
Enabling the users to run, develop & manage applications without the need for creation & maintenance of the infrastructure for developing or launching the application is the least we can do for you.
Core Infrastructure Services
To develop & identify the core infrastructure services into a model which suits all your business applications needs is why we are here.
Physical Components
We offer assembling the components of infrastructure in a manner that renders core infrastructure services in a physical data center.
Premises or Facility
Location, essential services and actual building of the data center are some factors, which cannot be ignored while building the data center, which stores, disseminates and manages your entire data.